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Power Of Storytelling

The Story Shop is special to all who come into contact with it - the ‘Stories' profit with their own personal recovery, wellbeing, they really feel valued and revered, the importance of their lived experiences are making a difference and they realize it. They are extremely honest and open about their lived expertise, some tales are intimate. Interact with a ‘Story' - now we have common talks with our volunteers about the Story Shop - explaining the process bring people together, from this we determine a attainable story teller. Write a ‘Story' - we ask the volunteer to put in writing their story in their own phrases, with a begin, a center and an end. We meet with this person several occasions speaking by means of what they've written (and normally what they haven't) and between us we develop a narrative ranging from the start of their psychological well being journey to the place they are at current.

The Story Shop works two fold, it educates and reduces stigma for these listening to the ‘Stories' but also for those Storytellers taking part it helps their own private Restoration. To measure affect on the students The Story Shop Steering Group developed a questionnaire for every scholar to fill in on completion of each session. A set of questions with answers 1 to five are requested - students circling their reply, we then put this information on to a spreadsheet which ends up in easy pie charts exhibiting by proportion how the Story Shop has impacted on them.

All ‘Tales' have read and understand their Contract/Agreement which they have signed to allow them to partake in a Story Shop. Ensure all workers have an understanding of their position and what's expected of them on the day that they know and perceive each people story and the person telling it. This construction can be used to find a new method to the way you want to tell it or discover an element to your story that you've been lacking.